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Annual Reports and
Financial Documents

2013 Annual Report
2013 990
2013 Independent Audit

2012 Annual Report
2012 990
2012 Independent Audit

2011 Annual Report
2011 990
2011 Independent Audit

2010 Annual Report
2010 990
2010 Independent Audit


Things to Know

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Membership contributions and donations to RTC are tax deductible. For additional details, visit our tax deduction page.

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Annual Reports &
Financial Information

For more than 25 years, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has been a leader in the trails and greenways community, assembling an impressive list of accomplishments through the promotion and protection of trail-friendly legislation, efforts in trail building, technical assistance, regional grassroots efforts and partnership building.

More than 150,000 members and supporters like you help make our success possible. Our annual and financial reports allow us to keep you abreast of the acheivements your support brings about.

2013 Annual Report

(Note: To view the report as a flipbook, you will need Flash 10.0 or later; alternatively, you may download it as a PDF below)

In 2013, RTC published several valuable reports on the usage, economic impact and feasibility of trails in the United States. These reports demonstrate the importance of trails within their communities and provide inspirational models and replicable tools for other communities across the country. Chief among these publications was our rails-with-trails report—the first publication of its kind in more than 10 years—which showcases the benefits of these safe and growing dual-purpose corridors.

An exciting highlight of the year was the launch of our inaugural Opening Day for Trails, which aimed to motivate and inspire people to use their local trails. And we continue to enhance our popular trail-finding website,, which recently won an award for excellence.

We finished off the year with a smashing legislative success; through hard work and perseverance, all but one state opted to keep the Recreational Trails Program for another year. The program provides unparalleled funding for trails across the country and is a critically important piece of the active transportation movement.

Download the 2013 Annual Report (1.2MB)


2012 Annual Report

(Note: To view the report as a flipbook, you will need Flash 10.0 or later; alternatively, you may download it as a PDF below)

In 2012, we worked hard to keep federal funding available for trails, raising awareness that these are not trivial amenities, but rather critical components of any transportation system. Trails offer cost-effective solutions for national problems like obesity, traffic congestion and pollution, and high employment rates. As you will see in this report, RTC employed a variety of strategies across several fronts to promote trail building, trail use, and trail advocacy, serving as the voice for Americans across the country who want trails.

Download the 2012 Annual Report (1.2MB)

2011 Annual Report

(Note: To view the report as a flipbook, you will need Flash 10.0 or later; alternatively, you may download it as a PDF below)

From celebrating our 25th anniversary to hitting new milestones in rail-trail mileage, 2011 was a year of renewed promise and excitement in our mission. Opportunities abound, from innovative urban networks to cross-state connections, and it's truly exciting to think about what we can accomplish in the next 25 years!

Download the 2011 Annual Report (2.5MB)

2010 Annual Report

(Note: To view the report as a flipbook, you will need Flash 10.0 or later; alternatively, you may download it as a PDF below)

In the lead-up to our 25th anniversary, 2010 was a year of resilience and resurgence. From our work in urban communities to the tremendous growth of, we have never been better poised to answer the demand for more trails.

Download the 2010 Annual Report (2.25MB)

2009 Annual Report

The enthusiasm and determination of RTC's founding members is alive and well in 2009. You can see it in our more than 125,000 members and supporters, and in a host of new partnerships and exciting upgrades in the services we provide.

Download the 2009 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report

When we opened our doors 23 years ago, there were 200 miles of open rail-trail in America. Today, our work has made it possible for millions of Americans to walk, run, skate and cycle on more than 15,000 miles of completed rail-trail in rural, suburban and urban communities.

Download the 2008 Annual Report

2007 Annual Report

Rails-to-Trail Conservancy inspires movement—working in the courts, in Congress, and with individuals, businesses, foundations and communities throughout the country.

Download the 2007 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report

In its 20th anniversary year, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy launched an initiative to promote more walking and biking and less driving. One physical step at a time, one transportation choice at a time, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is helping build healthier places for healthier people.

Download the 2006 Annual Report

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