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Expired Action Alerts

When you register for Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's RTC Online, you will receive periodic e-mail updates and alerts on important legislative issues and RTC-related news. This allows you to directly speak up to help rail-trails, trails, walking and bicycling become more prevalent in your community and around the country.

To take action now, please see our live action alerts. The expired alerts below are for archive and your background perusal.

Thank you for helping defend trails, walking and bicycling!

Fix the Senate bill! [February, 2012]
Our nation's next multiyear surface transportation bill is moving quickly in both chambers of Congress. Unfortunately, both bills would eliminate dedicated funding for trails, walking and bicycling.

Stop the Disastrous House Bill [February, 2012]
From a trails, walking and bicycling perspective, the current House bill is probably the worst piece of legislation. Ever. Join thousands of RTC advocates and supporters from hundreds of other organizations to stop this atrocious effort now!

Down, But Not Out. [February, 2012]
In the first few days of February 2012, U.S. Reps. Tom Petri (R-Wis.), Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) and Tim Johnson (R-Ill.) introduced a bipartisan amendment in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to restore dedicated funding for the Transportation Enhancements and Safe Routes to School programs. Following a phenomenal outpouring of support for the amendment—including more than 130 organizations signing on a national letter of support—the amendment was narrowly defeated by a vote of 27 to 29.

VICTORY! Threat to Trail Funding Defeated! [September, 2011]
On Tuesday, Sept. 13, we notified our email list about a dangerous attack on the funding source that allows communities to build trail, walking and bicycling projects. After tens of thousands responded from around the country, the amendment was withdrawn. Read our email from Friday, Sept. 16, announcing victory, now.

AAA Petition [December 2010]
In the fall and early winter of 2010, RTC led a national campaign calling on the American Automobile Association (AAA) to disavow calls by one of its chapter leaders to effectively eliminate funding for trails, walking and bicycling. Watch videos, see pictures and read about the petition delivery, including the names of more than 51,000 Americans!

Did your state gut its TE program? [August 2010]
On August 13 2010, states were mandated to cut from their transportation budgets. Some states cut proportionately across all programs, while others gutted their TE programs. (TE is the nation's largest funding source for trails, walking and bicycling.) Find out how your state made its decisions now!

Did your senators defend or attack TE? [September 2009]
On Wed. Sept. 16, 2009, the U.S. Senate voted on an amendment that would have eliminted a set-aside for Transportation Enhancements (TE), the nation's largest funding source for trails, walking and bicycling. Find out how your senators voted, and provide their offices with feedback, now.

Speak up for Active Transportation [May 2009]
United States representatives have the opportunity to voice their support for trails, walking and biking in the upcoming federal transportation bill. Encourage your representative to do so now!

Florida residents: Florida's nationally renowned trails program threatened. [March 2009]
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced cuts to the state's Office of Greenways and Trails, effectively eliminating this nationally renowned program. RTC supporters spoke up to save Florida's outstanding trail system.

Billions for green jobs and green transportation [February 2009]
Sign the petition to the president-elect and key congressional leaders, encouraging them to spend transportation dollars on important bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Ask your governor to protect active transportation funding: [March 2008]
Residents of certain states were encouraged to write their governors and ask that balance be restored to state transportation funding.

This action applied only to residents of the following states:

Alabama Alaska Arkansas
Colorado Connecticut Florida
Hawaii Idaho Illinois
Louisiana Maine Massachusetts
Michigan Nebraska Nevada
New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon South Dakota Texas
Utah Washington Wisconsin

Florida Residents: [September 2007]
Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) recently voted to eliminate trail funding. Tell him that Florida needs more, not less, funding for its trail systems.

California Residents: [September 2007]
Encourage Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign SB 669, authorizing a study to begin the planning of a 2,200-mile multi-use trail network on the levees of the Central Valley.

Missouri Residents: [September 2007]
Thank Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.) for speaking up for bike path funding.

Washington Residents: [September 2007]
Thank Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) for speaking up for bike path funding.

Illinois Residents: [September, 2007]
Thank Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) for speaking up for bike path funding.

Trails ARE Transportation: [August 2007]
U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Peters responds to nationwide concerns, clarifies that trails are, in fact, transportation-related.

Protecting Transportation Enhancements (TE): [March & June 2007]
Read about recent attacks on trails, walking and biking, and your quick reactions to protect funds for these important programs.

Expanding the Katy Trail: [September 2006]
Missouri advocacy efforts strengthen as hope and support grows for a state-wide Katy Trail system to connect Kansas City to St. Louis.

Missouri Alert: Railbanking Threat [July 2006]

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