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Green Issue 2013


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Letters to the Editor

A Moveable Feast
I wanted to remark how much I enjoyed reading the article on the evolution of dining cars and railroad cuisine ("The Way We Were," Spring/Summer 2013).

I grew up near the Pullman neighborhood in Chicago, but never realized the history and intricacies of these dining cars. Thanks.

John Kavalunas
Elgin, Ill.

I read with excited curiosity "The Way We Were," by James Porterfield. I find that there are many historical tales that accompany the converted trails that we walk and bike on. Porterfield's enjoyable article was one more piece of Americana that relates to rail conversion.

Personally, I have an interest in American food history that is as avid as my bird watching along the old rail paths. When I completed the article two things occurred to me; the first was get on and purchase his latest book, and the second was to write and let you know how delightful and informative the article was. Thank you.

Mike Stahl
Baltimore, Md.

The Southern Charm of Illinois
I commend John Greenfield on a wonderful article about Tunnel Hill State Trail and southern Illinois ("The Gem in Little Egypt," Spring/Summer 2013). I fell in love with the area during a mid-1970s trip to see a friend in Carbondale, and have made repeated trips back to hike, bike, fish and camp.

I loved the phonetic spelling of Eldorado, having been politely corrected of its proper pronunciation by a local many years ago. Many Northerners may not realize how far south you really are when you're in this area. In fact, Cairo (pronounced "Kay-ro") is about 30 miles further south than Richmond, Virginia, which was the capitol of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

A great area, with wonderful people.

Jim Hantak
Hillside, Ill.

A Great Idea: Share The Magazine
(Re: ("Pass It On," Members Network, Spring/Summer 2013)

Brilliant! Wish I had thought of it.

For 24 years I have been a supporter, and always talk-up Rails-to-Trails Conservancy to friends. But never had Mr. Richter's idea. Kudos to the man.

Jerry Taylor
Pittsburgh, Penn.

Cycle Tracks and Bike Lanes
I just received the Spring/Summer issue. Although I occasionally ride rail trails in our area, I am much more interested in seeing bikes used as an alternative to cars for local transportation.

I am very much in the "interested but concerned" camp mentioned by Keith Laughlin (("Is That a Trail?" Point of View, Spring/Summer 2013).

At age 58, I'm not as nimble as I used to be, and am more cautious about venturing near traffic in this time of behemoth SUVs and distracted driving.

I would very much appreciate your devoting space — and resources — to cycle tracks and green lanes. Perhaps it will inspire planners.

Deb Flower
Manchester, Conn.

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