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Point of View: How Do You Get There From Here?
Keith Laughlin, RTC president, marvels at advancements in trail-finding with, and about the important work of RTC and volunteers to map every rail-trail in the country.

Going With the Flow in Kansas:
With 17 miles of pathways and offshoot trails that course through woods, prairie meadows, wetlands and limestone-studded bluffs, the Mill Creek Streamway Park invites everyone for a summer cruise. Plus: More Travel Facts

Destination: Vermont
Flanked east and west by Lake Champlain; white marbled causeway arcing out across the bay; and you, basking under a warm summer's sky. For a trail made for movement, the Island Line will literally stop you in your tracks.

More Trail Tales:
Readers from Annapolis, Md., and Mt. Juliet, Tenn., share how they use rail-trails for a "greener" commute.

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