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Point of View: Countdown to 2010
As the Campaign for Active Transportation builds momentum, RTC President Keith Laughlin says the trails, walking and biking movement is positioned for a great victory in the next federal transportation bill.

The Real Deal:
A 13.3-mile conveyor belt through suburban Maryland, the Baltimore and Annapolis (B&A) Trail Park tours backyards and businesses, a linear planet museum and pocket parks—and all amid the lively din of kids, lawnmowers, dogs, traffic and songbirds. Plus: More Travel Facts

Destination: Minnesota
In the "Land of 1,000 Lakes," the 110-mile Paul Bunyan State Trail looms as large as the legend himself. There's no excuse for not enjoying an autumnal trip to this popular pathway.

More Trail Tales:
Readers from Longmont, Colo., Belleville, Ill., Sugar Grove, Ill., Wyoming, Mich., and Niles, Ohio, share their stories of the farthest they've traveled to reach a rail-trail.


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