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Give and Take
RTC's free trail-finder website,, raises the bar with new features for sharing and downloading GPS data, photos and reviews.

Back from Calamity
Terri Dellamaria survived the horrific accident that changed her life forever. Now, this teacher and mom of two is a rail-trail supporter and champion of bike safety. 

Trash Talk
How a self-described "couch potato" transformed himself into the tireless steward of his local rail-trail.

Point of View
With one simple act, we can all contribute to a future with healthier places for healthier peopleand a healthier planet.

Eye On: Camden, N.J.
Reborn after decades of industrial decay, Camden's waterfront is now the centerpiece of the city's trails vision and revitalization effort.

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Across America, we are seeing growing support for creating safe places to walk and bike where people can once again build physical activity into their daily lives.

And the remarkable thing is that by making it easier to walk or bike, we can help to solve two problems at once.

—RTC President Keith Laughlin
"Point of View"

Take a guided tour of

Watch the video and learn how to use the many helpful features of the most robust trail-finding site online!

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