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The Future Couldn't Be Brighter
From the new U.S. Secretary of Transportation to rapid growth in, RTC President Keith Laughlin discusses indications that the rail-trail movement is on the verge of taking a great leap forward.

Desert Wonder:
Perched high above Lake Mead in a jagged desert landscape of red canyons and scorched earth, Nevada's seven-mile Historic Railroad Hiking Trail retraces the early days of Hoover Dam construction in the 1930s, including five colossal tunnels blasted into the rock walls. Plus: More Travel Facts

Destination: New Jersey
Barely 60 miles west of New York City, yet nestled among quiet woodlands and farmsteads, the 18.7-mile Sussex Branch Trail is a study in winter serenity—frozen ponds, frosted hillsides and the crunching cadence of footsteps in the snow.

More Trail Tales
Readers from Kissimmee, Fla., Uniontown, Pa., and Maryville, Tenn., share their stories of the worst weather they've ever experienced while on a rail-trail.

2009 Green Issue
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