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Green Issue 2012
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There are still a lot of trails I want to do. The trail along Pennsylvania's Oil Creek is one. It's paralleled by a tourist train. I'd love to pedal it and fish one way, then load my bike on the train and ride it back the other.

For those of us who like to suck the marrow from the bone, to live life to the fullest, that would be a day, wouldn't it?

—Dale Kotowski
"Casting for Converts"

Nature Preserve

Ride on the Wild Side
Across America, rail-trails provide a crucial link to our natural heritage as they wind through or around parks and preserves, offering a window to wildlife and wilderness.

Coming of Age

Coming of Age on the Katy Trail
For his 13th birthday, Seth Bellamy proudly completes a family rite of passage by pedaling 450 miles across Missouri with his dad and older brother.

Dale Kotowski

Casting for Converts
A fly-fishing guide in southwestern Pennsylvania, Dale Kotowski has combined two loves by using rail-trails to cycle to his favorite fishing spots.

Pathways to Happy
Getting a little animated on the trail

Eye On: Nevada

Eye On: Nevada
With construction of the Union Pacific Railroad Trail, the city of Henderson, Nev., continues to expand a dazzling system of multi-use trails.

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Point of View
RTC President Keith Laughlin
welcomes the spring trail season on his own neighborhood pathway,
the Capital Crescent.

An Ideal Marathon Training Course

Marathon Training

From Florida to Washington, Wisconsin to Massachusetts, rail-trails often provide an ideal training route for long-distance runners—whether you're a first-time marathoner or preparing for the Olympics!

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What's in a Mile?
The Metropolitan Branch Trail

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