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The Partnership for Active Transportation 
RTC President Keith Laughlin introduces an exciting new coalition to advance the goals and benefits of active transportation.

Minneapolis' Superhighway
The Midtown Greenway not only helped vault Minneapolis to the top spot among bike-friendly communities, the rail-trail also created a new corridor for the massive numbers of bike commuters who stay loyal to two wheels, even in the harshest conditions.
by Karen Asp

Trail of Years
As the iconic Illinois Prairie Path passes the half-century mark this year, two couples reflect on their decades of volunteer service on behalf of the trail.
by Ted Villaire

Destination: Mississippi
From small-town hospitality to the early blossoms of southern Mississippi, the 41-mile Longleaf Trace offers an especially warm welcome for winter travelers.
by Jake Lynch

Maya Stein: The Type Rider
To create a metaphorical hallway that linked cities and people through the written word, Stein embarked on a 40-day cycling journey, setting up impromptu typing stations in more than 50 citiesincluding along several rail-trails.
by Sara Rae Lancaster

More Trail Tales 
Readers from Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia share their favorite trailside restaurants and bars.


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A View From the Baltic
Thanks to a host of new rail-trails, visitors to northern Europe can now trade ski poles for biking gloves and see Scandanavia on two wheels. Check out a slideshow of new pathways from Norway to Estonia, as featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Rails to Trails ("A View From the Baltic," by Ben Keene).

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