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Trailside Reading... continued

Looking to round out your railroad- and train-themed book collection? We recommended several titles in our Fall 2006 issue of Rails to Trails, but here are a few more to add to your must-read list:

A Conductor Tells…Unauthorized Trains Stories
by Ken Lothridge

This book is a realistic collection of stories from the point of view of a train conductor. The entertaining tales you'll find make the book a hard one to put down. Lothridge describes the typical day of a train conductor and his stories include everything from difficult and strange passengers to exchanges with co-workers. Many things he encounters each day will really surprise you.

Burlington Northern Adventures: Railroading in the Days of the Caboose
by William J. Brotherton

Brotherton's book is a collection of adventurous experiences of a railroad worker—but with a humorous tone. The book describes the hard times of being a rail worker during the cold, late nights on the railroad. Showing the progression of a child growing into an adult through his life as a railroad worker, it will make you thankful for your job. Anything seems better than the hardships Brotherton describes!

Murder on the Orient Express
by Agatha Christie

This murder mystery takes place aboard the famed Orient Express and though it was written in 1934, it's still a popular novel today. The Orient Express was a long-distance train in Europe that became well-known as a luxury ride for nobles and high society. Experience the mystery as you read about the murder and investigation of a wealthy American riding the train. With 12 potential murder suspects aboard the train and a detective conveniently on board to solve the mystery, this book packs in the thrills.

A Conductor Tells Unbelievable Train Stories
by Ken Lothridge

If you enjoyed Ken Lothridge's first book of train stories, A Conductor Tells… Unauthorized Train Stories, then this new one will intrigue you as well. Full of more stories that describe both the unique and the everyday experiences of a train conductor, Lothridge continues to spin interesting tales.

Orphan Train Riders: One Boy's True Story
by Andrea Warren

From the period of 1854 to 1930 nearly 200,000 abandoned children where moved west, by train, in an attempt to find them new homes. An unknown phenomenon to many, Orphan Train Riders is good book to read with younger children. The book shows how many of these "orphan riders" overcame diversity and became successful adults; some of the stories are truly inspirational. But also note: some sad stories show the darker side of orphanages that existed before government child welfare agencies for abused or neglected children were introduced.

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