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  Tunnel, Silver Comet Trail, Georgia

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More Trail Tails

In each issue of Rails to Trails we ask our members a question about their rail-trail experiences. They send us their responses and we pick one to be featured in the magazine. For the Winter 2007 issue, we asked "How do you and your family spend time together on a rail-trail?"

Here's another response we wanted to share, but didn't have room for in the magazine. We hope you find it as enjoyable as we did.

Diane Volzer, of Calhoun, Ga., writes:
Our first bicycle trip was on the Silver Comet Trail near Atlanta. My husband Jarrett scraped the rust off my college bicycle and rented a bike for himself at the trail. For five-year-old Justin we rented a trail-a-bike, a one-wheeled marvel that attaches to Jarrett's bike. Four-year-old April settled in a rented pull-behind carriage.

The smooth pavement, cool breeze, and level path were superb. We biked only a few miles but were hooked. That year we made several more trips beginning at the trailhead where we rented equipment.

Before long, Justin shed his training wheels. He never wants to turn back, insatiably curious about what he'll find "a little bit further." April graduated to our new trail-a-bike and eagerly became her dad's "motor" riding behind Jarrett's new bike.

No longer renting, we're now free to explore the entire Silver Comet Trail. The rail-trail is alive with lizards, turtles, butterflies, deer and wild blackberries.

Jarrett also meticulously plans outings and camping trips around rail-trails and other bike paths. Biking has transformed our camping trips, errand-filled Saturdays and sluggish Sunday afternoons. To lift our spirits and escape our schedules, we load our bikes, pack water and snacks, and head for rail-trail adventure.

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