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Destination: Washington - Chehalis Western Trail
The Chehalis Western Trail carves into forests of Douglas-fir, western red cedars and spruce.


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For additional maps, photos, user reviews and trail information on the Chehalis Western Trail, visit, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's free trail-finder website.

Chehalis Western Trail, Washington

It's an early fall afternoon just outside of Olympia, Wash., and you've set out on the 20.5-mile Chehalis Western Trail.

One minute, you're gliding through low-lying clouds and mist. The next, the sky opens to a deep October blue.

Chipmunks skitter across your path. Sword ferns lance up from the trailside like bushy horsetails, and Douglas-fir and hemlock "whoosh" in the wind.

It's autumn in the Pacific Northwest, so you're anticipating sprinkles and chilly daytime temperatures. But you should also expect your senses to simmer as you twist and seesaw through the foothills of southern Washington.

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