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Profile: Peter Mulvey: Intertwining Passions
With his music and cycling, Mulvey talks about staying connected to your community and the outside world.


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Peter Mulvey: Intertwining Passions

When musicians speak of being "on the road," most people probably think of a tour bus and roadies criss-crossing the country by highway. But for guitarist and singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey, the reality is very different. For the past three years, Mulvey has traveled to many of the 120 shows he performs each year by bicycle, bringing his distinct take on American folk music to destinations throughout his home state of Wisconsin—and beyond.
A Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) member for two years, Mulvey often uses RTC's free trailfinder website,, to plan his routes. His most recent album, "Letters From a Flying Machine," even features a mention of Milwaukee's Hank Aaron State Trail.
I met Mulvey while he was on tour outside Boston. Rain forced us off the Minuteman Bikeway and into Diesel Cafe, where we chatted about music, traveling by bicycle and the combination of these two passions in his life.

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