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About the Author

After a decade writing about rural communities in his native Australia, Jake Lynch moved to Washington State and edited two newspapers on Seattle's Eastside. His interest in environmental, social and economic issues connected to trail development brought him to RTC, where he now works as a staff writer.


Regional Reach
by Jake Lynch

hough headquartered in Washington,
D.C., Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC)
has greatly expanded its on-the-ground
reach with four field offices. These arms of
RTC range in size from one to three staff members and cover regions as small as one state and as large as 10. They work at the forefront of policy and trail development in their regions, cultivate vital partnerships with local organizations and agencies, and help shepherd countless projects from concepts to completion. Field staff members prepare reports on trail projects and community assessments, serve on planning boards and steering committees, and often present at conferences.

Put simply, without these satellite offices, RTC could never be as effective or industrious in so many corners of the country. So as we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, the timing couldn't be more perfect to give much-deserved credit and attention to RTC's regional wings and to put some faces to their staff.

Read the complete article by Jake Lynch online:

 Regional Reach (PDF/995 KB)

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