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Karen Stewart was the very first managing editor of Rails to Trails and helped found the magazine in 1998. Stewart has had other stories appear in the magazine recently, including
Cycling Comes Into Fashion (Winter 2011) and the cover feature for Fall 2009 on the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail in Maryland.


Raising the Bar for Active Transportation:
by Karen Stewart

he Franklin Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis has been on a diet, and it is looking good. The former 4-lane bridge over the Mississippi River has a svelte new traffic pattern, with reduced car lanes and trim white stripes that put bicyclists in the center lane and in the driver's seat, if you will, of safe travel.

Taken on their own, the changes to the Franklin Avenue Bridge are a small gift to cyclists in what is a decidedly bike-friendly city. In broader terms the bridge improvement is one drop in a torrent of bicycle- and pedestrian-inspired projects being rolled out in four locations
—Marin County, Calif., Minneapolis, Minn., Columbia, Mo., and Sheboygan County, part of the federal Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP).

Read the complete article by Karen Stewart online:

 Raising the Bar for Active Transportation (PDF/978 KB)

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