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Five years after she first explored the route, Susan Weaver revisits the emerging 260-mile trail system with a camera and an eye for history along the way.


More Information

To learn more about the Erie-to-Pittsburgh Trail network and its regional partners, as well as a map of open and developing segments, visit the
Erie-to-Pittsburgh Trail Alliance.


A View From the Field:
Erie-to-Pittsburgh Trail, In Progress
by Susan Weaver

he emerging Erie-to-Pittsburgh Trail network is like a 260-mile puzzle with more than half the pieces in place. Named for its two Pennsylvania anchor cities, the corridor runs from Erie, on the shores of the southernmost Great Lake, all the way to triangulated Pittsburgh, where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers commingle at "the Point" to create the Ohio.

From these geographical bookends comes the trail's catchy tagline, "Connecting the Lake to the Point."

(Photos by Susan Weaver, with contributions from the Drake Well Museum, Lee Vedder and Davitt B. Woodwell)

Read the complete article by Susan Weaver online:

 A View From the Field (PDF/1.24 MB)

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