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Karen Stewart was the very first managing editor of Rails to Trails and helped found the magazine in 1998. Her most recent story to appear in the magazine, prior to this article for Winter 2011, was the cover feature for Fall 2009 on the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail in Maryland.


Cycling Comes Into Fashion:
by Karen Stewart

ave you noticed? Bicycles are everywhere. Beyond rail-trails and bike paths, cityscapes and rural back roads, bicycles have made it to your mailbox, where they grace the glossy pages of fashion magazines and clothing catalogs.

Ridden by carefree beauties, these bikes are selling practical, plus-size, even couture fashions. But look more closely and they tell another story:
Bicycling is having a moment. And the moment is not being shared with spandex or sports bras or sweaty guys powering up mountains and bombing down streets.

It is about hopping on your bike to reach your destination yet still looking good and
being comfortable.

Read the complete article by Karen Stewart online:

 Cycling Comes Into Fashion (PDF/1.50 MB)

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