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Dovid Kaplan and
grandchildren during their August ride on the 11.5-mile Heritage Trail in New York. It runs from Goshen to Monroe in Orange County.


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Learn more about the Heritage Trail and thousands of miles of other rail-trails around the country at, RTC's free trail-finding website.


A Recumbent View
by Dovid Kaplan

arly last summer, we learned of the story of Dovid Kaplan, a former mechanical engineer and computer software consultant who suffered a stroke in 2003.

No longer able to walk without assistance, Kaplan soon discovered he could still pedal. He has since found enormous relief and creative expression by riding a specially tailored recumbent and photographing rail-trails near his home in Suffern, N.Y.

We were so inspired by his resilience and joyful optimism that we asked him to share more of his story for our readers.

Read the complete article by Dovid Kaplan online:

 A Recumbent View (PDF/1.84 MB)

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