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About the Author

Bryce Hubner is a freelance travel and sports writer. As a former mountain guide who splits his time between Oakland and Lake Tahoe, Calif., Hubner has spent much of his adult life in the state's city and rural parks and looks forward to a day when they're all connected.


California Dream
By Bryce Hubner

or many, California is at once revered and reviled, progressive and backward, emblematic of both realized American Dreams and crushing disillusionment—a tinsel-laden enigma.

For anyone who's seen it in person, though, the Golden State's diverse natural beauty is unequivocal. Sometime in the future, that natural beauty will unite the state's great urban centers,
mass transit and regional park networks by way of far-reaching paths such as the 1,200-mile California Coastal Trail.

The trails are a great dream that will change the way the state and its residents—and perhaps those who visit or judge California from afar—navigate transportation, public health and the
environment. Here's a look at a few people who are leading inspired initiatives to deliver the future now.

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