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About the Author

Ben Keene is a licensed trail guide and the author of Best Hikes Near New York City. He writes about beer and travel for publications such as DRAFT, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, The Beer Connoisseur and the San Francisco Chronicle. His work also appears in The Oxford Companion to Beer and The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge.


A View From the Baltic
By Ben Keene

istorians trace the origin of skiing to Fennoscandia, a region that encompasses Finland, Norway, Sweden and northwestern Russia. For more than 8,000 years, the typically long winters in this part of the world made gliding over the snow an effective and efficient mode of travel. During the warmer months, however, a much more recent European invention has steadily gained converts: the bicycle. By comparison, the emergence of long-distance cycling routes, including the international EuroVelo network, followed a relatively short time ago, with a number of Nordic countries choosing to repurpose former railroad lines as rail-trails...


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 A View From the Baltic (PDF/721KB)

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