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About the Author

Abby Laub is an editor, writer and photographer based in Lexington, Ky. She is a wife, new mom and fitness enthusiast.

Jane Beshear
A Love for Horses and Trails
by Abby Laub

Kentucky's first lady Jane Beshear is an enthusiastic champion of exercise and outdoor recreation in her state.

Raised locally, the wife of Governor Steve Beshear attributes her good health largely to a life spent on horseback and hitting the state's many trails.

She also is a strong rail-trail advocate and sees the potential for increased tourism, economic development and health improvement as the state continues to expand its trail system. Despite being ranked 45th in the nation in total railtrail mileage, Kentucky is making headway in trail development—thanks to an emphasis on healthy lifestyles and the acquisition of federal grant money for alternative transportation such as trails.

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 A Love for Horses and Trails (PDF 228KB)

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