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Steve Cooperdock in the Times Beach Nature Preserve on the waterfront in Buffalo, N.Y. © Steve Cooperdock
Steve Cooperdock pedaling (in shorts, of course) through the Times Beach Nature Preserve, 
on the waterfront in Buffalo, N.Y.

Tell Us ...
Do you use rail-trails for a "greener" commute? Does a community pathway help you pedal, hike or jog into work for all or part of the trip? We'd love to hear how you use rail-trails for earth-friendly transportation.

We're still accepting responses for last month's question: How is your local rail-trail(s) ideal for retirement living?

Please direct e-mails and photos*, including all credit and caption info, to Karl Wirsing at Selected responses will be published online the first week of June.

*All photos submitted to Rails-to-Trails Conservancy may be used in any and all organizational materials.

You Are What You Ride:

In March, we asked you to tell us what your trail or bicycle gear says about you. For as many people as there are using rail-trails, and for so many different purposes, we figured what you wear or carry with you might say something about who you are. Indeed we heard from folks who feel weather-proof in shorts, or who collect soda cans as they ride, or who tote their dog in a bicycle basket.

Personalities clearly abound on rail-trails all over the country, so we hope you enjoy these fun, quirky clips.

Steve Cooperdock
I am a 60-year-old male who has worn shorts, inside and out, every day for the past eight years, in all kinds of weather, on my bike and off. I live in western New York, and for the past three months of winter I rode my bike outside for 1,800 miles, and all in my shorts. Temperatures were as low as six degrees, and wind chills were below zero.  

I started wearing shorts all the time because the hair on my legs was becoming as scarce as the hair on top of my head, due to wear and tear from long pants. And I find shorts more comfortable.

I have ridden my bike more than 100,000 miles during my lifetime and wouldn't have done so if I hadn't discovered rail-trails. I've ridden on more than 100 rail-trails in 30 states, and I plan my vacations around where I can ride rail-trails.

Peggy Prowe
The plastic bag hanging from my handle bars bangs and rattles as I pick up pop cans on the roadside as I ride. It has become a reflex action.  My neighbor boy turns them in for his pocket money. 

Bob & Betty Chapman

My husband and I both had hip replacement surgery  this last year. We really enjoy our two recumbent trikes for riding. We have a basket on the back of one of the bikes. That's where our little four-pound Maltese rides.

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