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The Morgans with their grandchildren on the
Little Miami Scenic Trail in Ohio.

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What is your favorite group ride? Have you ever ventured across Iowa on RAGBRAI, or maybe cruised the Pacific Northwest on the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic? Whatever the ride, we'd love to hear about the experience! Share your stories with Karl at

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Tell Us ...

In June, we asked if your whole family is into cycling and trails.

Bob Morgan — Cedar Falls, Iowa

The highlight of each summer for my wife and me is taking a bike tour with our grandchildren, now ages 13 (Brandon) and 10 (Nora). We've progressed from overnight trips to multi-day tours.

At first, we pulled the kids on trail-a-bikes. For two years, the kids fit a tandem trail-a-bike we pulled behind our own tandem, making a 16-foot-long "train." We toured the Wisconsin trails, including the
Elroy-Sparta State Trail, with that rig. Brandon outgrew the trail-a-bike last year and began trading off with my wife between a single and the tandem's stoker seat, while Nora still rode a trail-a-bike for our four-day tour on Ohio's Simon Kenton and Little Miami Scenic trails.

This year, both kids will be on their own singles, and we're considering a tour on Minnesota's
Willard Munger State Trail.

Ann Walker — Fenton, Mich.
My daughter and two granddaughters (ages 8 and 13) used the Clinton River, the Macomb Orchard and the Saginaw Valley rail-trails in Michigan to help train for Pedal Across Lower Michigan (PALM). The sheltered trails with no cars helped my daughter, who will be riding the tandem with the 8-year-old, get used to the bike in a safe way. The rides also gave us some "seat time" amid nice scenery.

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