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Select Video Clips from TrailLink 2007

King County (Wash.) Executive Ron Sims, keynote speaker

An entertaining story on why Mr. Sims started
riding his bike on trails to lose weight.

Mr. Sims shares his reasons for advocating
for trails: to provide his children a better

Mr. Sims relates the role his parents played in
the civil rights movement and his love of trails
which, he ultimately realized, connect and
unite communities.

Mr. Sims encourages and inspires trail
advocates to stay the path and continue
working on trails, extolling their invaluable

Pedestrian advocate Mark Fenton

Mr. Fenton tells an insightful story of an
individual who exceeds the surgeon general's
recommended daily activity... and doesn't
even know he's exercising.

Mr. Fenton shares a moving story of the life-
affirming role a trail plays for a mother and her
young daughter.

Mr. Fenton relates an entertaining and
compelling story of a trail's role in community
building—with a surprise ending.

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