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TA funding helped acquire and develop Indiana's Monon Trail, which was named to RTC's
Rail-Trail Hall of Fame in 2009

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Transportation Alternatives
The 10 Eligible TA Definititions

The Transportation Alternatives (TA) program aims to enhance the transportation experience for users of all kinds. There are in fact 10 fundable activities within the TA program. All TA projects must pertain to at least one of these categories and relate to surface transportation. The 10 activities are:

  1. Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities
  2. Safe Routes for Non-Drivers
  3. Conversion of Abandoned Railway Corridors to Trails
  4. Scenic Turnouts and Overlooks
  5. Outdoor Advertising Management
  6. Historic Preservation & Rehab of Historic Transportation Facilities
  7. Vegetation Management
  8. Archaeological Activities
  9. Stormwater Mitigation
  10. Wildlife Management

Each of these categories contributes something unique and critical to an efficient, multimodal transportation system. From category 7, "Vegetation Management"—which allows communities to improve roadway safety, prevent against invasive species, and provide erosion control along transportation corridors—to category 10, which funds wildlife connectivity along transportation routes and thereby improves safety for roadway users, the TA program is a win-win for individuals, communities, and local and the federal governments.

For more on these activities—including factsheets on each—see NTAC's 10 Eligible TA Definitions page.

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