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Explore downloadable issue summaries addressing trailside gardens, programs, art, safety and connections.

More Information

Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Rails to Trails magazine: Article featuring the Urban Pathways Initiative

UPI information sheet

Leadership funding provided by: The Kresge Foundation


Metropolitan Grants Program

Together with The Coca-Cola Foundation, RTC is supporting exemplary community-based organizations working to provide trail programming and improvements in select metropolitan areas across the country.



Kelly Pack
Director of Trail Development

Urban Pathways Initiative
Beyond the Trail and into the Community

Many low-income populations and communities of color in urban areas confront the problems of obesity, congestion and scarcity of open space on a daily basis. Promoting use of shared-use pathways and providing neighborhood-based trail programming can help address these challenges.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's Urban Pathways Initiative links community-based advocates and professionals across the nation working to encourage physical activity, active transportation and recreation options in neighborhoods surrounding urban pathways. Learn more about successful strategies and unique approaches to developing, promoting, programming and improving urban pathways in the resources below.

Watch This!

Is It Safe?
Crime and Perceptions of Safety on Urban Pathways

This short film explores how strategies to prevent crime and violence can address safety concerns that might discourage trail use. Learn how three communities addressed trail safety head-on and have succeeded in creating trails that are well-used community assets.

Project Assistance
With leadership funding from The Kresge Foundation RTC provided in-depth technical assistance to seven urban pathways across the country from 2009 to 2011. Learn more about how RTC worked with local communities to implement programs that encouraged trail use and stewardship.

In 2010 and 2011, advocates of urban pathways from more than 25 cities across the nation convened to share, discuss, and learn about encouraging use of and improving access to trails. View panel discussions and presentation from RTC's conferences in New Orleans, La. and Cleveland, Ohio.

Additional Resources
We blog, tweet, archive and summarize the best resources. Search our site and take a look at our new lessons learned materials.

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