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Trail Building

Transforming former railroad tracks into a vibrant rail-trail requires technical know-how, support from your community, guidance from experienced trail builders and successful strategies to overcome barriers. Whether you are new to the trail movement or a seasoned trail builder, use Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's suite of resources to find answers to technical questions or to guide you through the trail-building process.

It's All Searchable!
Our trail-building resources can be sorted by date, tag and title. Search our site or try the resources below.

Trail-Building Toolbox
A comprehensive resource center for trail building, addressing common questions and issues.

A source for documents, fact sheets and in-depth reports produced by RTC and others.

Early Warning System
Be the first to know! Sign up to receive railroad corridor abandonment notices and resources for action in your state.

Connect with trail advocates, managers and professionals from across the country.

RTC TrailBlog
Our blog highlights the latest and greatest in trails, walking and biking. For more from around the Web, visit our Blogroll.

Ask RTC Staff
Can't find the answer using the resources above? Contact RTC's trail development staff with your question.

Rail-Trail Basics

FAQ: What's this all about?
Some frequently asked questions about rail-trails and trail building.

Benefits of Rail-Trails
From health to transportation to historic preservation, rail-trails benefit communities in many ways.

History of the Rail-Trail Movement
From humble beginnings, this enduring movement has led to more than 15,000 miles of rail-trail across the country.

Rail-Trail Statistics
How many miles of rail-trail are there in each state? Which rail-trails are the nation's longest?

Trails glossary and acronyms.


RTC Resources is RTC's trail-finding Web site, the most robust source of FREE trail information on the Web.

Interested in partnering with RTC?

In addition to being an advocate for trail-friendly policies and a technical assistance resource center, RTC engages in on-the-ground work for specific projects.

Thinking of adding RTC to your project team? View a portfolio of our past and present work. In addition, our training sessions and workshops help answer questions for beginners and experts alike. Learn more...

Urban Pathways Initiative

RTC's Urban Pathways Initiative connects advocates and professionals working on the challenges of obesity, congestion and scarcity of open space in low-income urban neighborhoods. The initiative provides a space to share innovative resources and best practices that encourage physical activity through trail use in America's cities.

Interested? Sign up to participate!

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