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Helmet giveaway © Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
A local girl in Jacksonville receives a helmet as part of a give-away by RTC along the
S-Line Urban Greenway.


Project Information

This project is part of RTC's Urban Pathways Initiative.

Map of Trail

Latest Project Updates

The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida; The Kresge Foundation

Ken Bryan
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Florida Field Office


S-Line Urban Greenway
Years: 2008 to present

This project is part of RTC's Urban Pathways Initiative. Learn more about this work.

Jacksonville, Fla.

City of Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department; The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida; The Durkeeville Historical Society

Project Deliverables
Trail access audit; build community support; increase health awareness and trail amenities plan

Project Description
The S-Line Urban Greenway is located in the Durkeeville and Springfield communities of Jacksonville. The trail currently consists of a short built section as well as an undeveloped corridor in an urban area that is ready for revitalization. The trail currently serves as a linear park but is not achieving its potential as a catalyst to improve the built environment. When trails are planned and developed, trail developers typically only consider the small 60-foot to 100-foot right-of-way where the trail is physically constructed, not necessarily its relationship with schools, parks, neighborhoods and other community assets surrounding the trail.

RTC will take this planning and analysis to another level by studying the area within a half-mile radius of the Jacksonville S-Line Urban Greenway. By locating community assets and building collaborations with community groups, we seek to increase the neighborhood's connection with the trail, as well as bring awareness to the health benefits of trails, with a focus on area youth.

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