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Cyclists visit a historic train station on the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail in Baltimore County, Md., part of the Grand History Trail route.

Project Information
Open a map of the trail route

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Kelly Pack
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
National Office


Grand History Trail
Years: 2006 to present

Adams and York Counties, Penn.; Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Frederick, Montgomery and Prince George's Counties and Baltimore City, Md.; District of Columbia

Prepared for
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources; National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program; local trail groups and planning offices along trail route

Project Deliverables
Media packet; GIS data; stakeholder sessions; inventory of historic and natural resources

Project Description
The Grand History Trail is a loop that will connect existing and proposed trails in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. The trail will connect the historic cities of Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick, Gettysburg, Washington and York by providing visitors with a convenient and safe off-street bicycle route between these destinations. Open and project trails comprising the Grand History Loop include:

The success of tourism along scenic and historic corridors such as the Great Allegheny Passage provides a glimpse into the potential future of the Grand History Trail. The trail will connect with and share a segment of its route with both the Great Allegheny Passage and the East Coast Greenway, and it comes within miles of the Appalachian Trail. By linking together existing long-distance trails and connecting historic sites of national significance, the Grand History Trail concept has the potential to become both an incentive to complete the missing links and a major tourism promotion mechanism.

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