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Plans to develop trails in Adams and York Counties, Pa., would help connect historic sites like Gettysburg National Military Park to the Grand History Trail system.


Grand History Trail Home Page

The Basics
Brief description of the Grand History Trail concept and its origins.

Learn and Explore
Check out the trail route, segment by segment.

Advocate<< You are here
Find out how you can promote the Grand History Trail in your area.

View a list of agencies and organizations that support the Grand History Trail or were involved in planning the route.

For more information, please contact Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, National Office.


Grand History Trail

You can promote the completion of the Grand History Trail by becoming a local advocate for connected multi-use trails and safe bicycle/pedestrian facilities along the proposed route.

Use the tools (i.e., maps, segment analysis and handout ) on this Web site to present the concept to local decision makers and continue to ensure that the Grand History Trail is represented in local planning efforts and documents. Contact your local planning department to learn about upcoming opportunities for public input that will affect comprehensive and transportation planning efforts.

Promote the Grand History Trail concept at local National Trails Day events, or organize an event in your area to advocate for completion of missing sections.

Use Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's Trail-Building Toolbox to learn about successful trail-development strategies, including organizing a local advocacy group and talking to your local leaders and elected officials about supporting trails. Learn about how trails are a means of conservation, recreation and economic development, and use the following reports as a selling tool for trail development:

Other long-distance trails like the Great Allegheny Passage have demonstrated enormous success and are providing residents and tourists with unique recreation and transportation opportunities. A complete Grand History Trail would unequivocally extend the success of the Great Allegheny Passage by providing millions of people in the Mid-Atlantic region with more 300 miles of interconnected trails and bicycle facilities. Advocate locally for a complete Grand History Trail!

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