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Huffington Post article exploring AAA's position: "Their Policies should be as Good as their Service"

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Many of you have written to AAA in response to our petition and forwarded your letters along to us. These comments are reflective of the strong support people across the country (and beyond!) have for trails, walking and bicycling infrastructure.

Have you communicated with AAA and/or have other comments you'd like to share with us? Please e-mail RTC Policy Outreach Manager Kartik Sribarra at

See what other supporters have been saying!

Since RTC launched our AAA petition in September, we've watched tens of thousands of you sign our petition calling on AAA to support critical, established programs for walking and bicycling from our nation's transportation trust fund. Many of you have written your local AAA clubs, held them accountable with tough questions and rallied others to join the campaign. You've inspired us with this tremendous groundswell of action and support.

Amid all the policy talk and technical language, it might be easy to lose sight of what's really at stake with this funding. But in many of the letters we've received from supporters, the message is clearer than anything we could ever say. Here's one example.

Mr. Gagnon's opinion does not in any way express the views of this long time AAA member and I call upon Mr. Gagnon to withdraw his statement.
--Bill Gupton, N.C.

Even as a driver I would argue that they [automobiles] are part of our national problem with pollution and resource depletion. Public transportation  as well as hiking and biking must replace some of our automobile dependence; when they do, it will benefit drivers as well...
--Mark Bridger, Mass.

I have been an AAA member for many, many years.  Also, I own one car and two bikes.  Bike trails and designated routes are providing more opportunities for me to leave my car home.
--George Gorman, Pa.

Here's the deal: We own 2 cars, currently have three AAA memberships and have been nearly lifetime members. However, we also own 6 bicycles and firmly believe in the need for a more balanced transportation system in the USA. … I think AAA should reconsider its lobbying position and push for more balanced and more environmentally and socially aware policies relating to transportation in this country in its entirety. That would mean pushing for more bike path funding, not less… More bicycle use also means less road vehicle congestion and a better driving experience for those not on bikes.
--Todd Burger, Principal, Crackerjack Consultants, Mass.

I'm a AAA member, a bicyclist, and a rail fan - have been all three for many, many years. There's definitely a place for all forms of transportation - and the groups that support each!
--Ron Anderson, Ill.

Just recently, we had several hundred citizens meet in Richmond with Mayor Jones in a forum to push for more bike and pedestrian facilities here in Central Virginia.
     As oil reserves dwindle, I think we will see more and more citizens walking, biking and looking for alternative forms of transportation. Having AAA fight this trend and disrupt these efforts would be very short-sighted.
     I hope that AAA really supports broad policies where our roads can be shared equally by all users.
--Champe Burnley, President, Virginia Bicycling Federation

[The petition] makes perfect sense. I use roads to transport myself to work everyday, by bike, and on the weekends to destinations by car w/bike. The key word above is partnership. We all have to share the road and we can. I'm sure AAA wants to play along.

--Tracie Sanchez, Ga., Board Member,

... we need to use existing funding sources as a bridge to the future.
    In the 1890s, we taxed agriculture and ag processing to build the infrastructure that brought us manufacturing. In the 1950s, we taxed manufacturing to pay for the space program, which brought us semiconductors.  
     In the current era, we need to tax petroleum to pay for the transition to a low-petroleum future.
     Otherwise we'll be walking on gravel roads in 20 years, wishing we'd built an electrified rail system while we still had a way to finance it.
     The highway trust fund is an anachronism; it should be a transportation trust fund.

--Jim Lazar, Wash.

As a loyal member of AAA, I am dismayed that they want Congress to cut long-standing programs that support trails, biking and walking in order to divert those funds to the highway system. These trails and other walking and bicycling facilities allow individuals across the country to enjoy the outdoors and safely and easily travel without a car for many short trips--while saving money and gas, and getting exercise in the process.
--William Evans, Fla.

If America is famous for anything it is National Parks and Trails—any downgrading of them will soon be reflected in a decline of tourism to your country.
--Tom Tuffin, Australia

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