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Project Information

Healthy Transportation Network

Steve Schweigerdt
Trail Development Manager
Western Regional Office


Better Bikeways
Years: 2011

California Statewide

Cities of Long Beach; San Francisco; Berkeley; APBP

Project Deliverables
Better Bikeways report with lessons learned from cities in California that have implemented innovative bicycle facilities in their communities.

Project Description
This report produced by RTC's Western Regional Office explores four innovative bicycle facility designs being implemented in California, along with additional intersection and marking treatments that can help improve safety and increase ridership.

These innovative facilities increase the perception of safety that is a key component to attract more Americans to ride bikes. They achieve a greater perception of safety by physically separating bicyclists from motor vehicle traffic or calming the traffic to reduce the threat of a collision. The innovations can be implemented within existing street rights-of-way and have been pioneered in Europe, Portland, Ore., New York and various California cities. Connecting these facilities to existing shared-use paths can create a huge boost in ridership and has the additional benefits of calming traffic through neighborhoods and improving traffic flow in business districts.

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