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Western, Alaska and Hawaii Projects

In addition to the many projects listed on the news page, RTC Western Region staff are working in-depth on specific projects to assist trail development projects in the region. Below is a sampling of recent work.

Emerald Necklace Trail
A Metropolitan Grant project
El Monte, Calif.

Compton Creek Bike Path
An Urban Pathways Initiative project
Compton, Calif.

Orange Blossom Trail
San Bernardino County, Calif.

Richmond Greenway
A Metropolitan Grant project
Richmond, Calif.

Across the Arterial
California (statewide)

Berkeley Santa Fe ROW
Berkeley, Calif.

Better Bikeways
California (statewide)

Great Shasta Rail-Trail
McCloud to Burney, Calif.

Spokane Iron Bridge
Spokane, Wash.

California Rail-with-Trail Survey
California (statewide)

California Rail Right-of-Way Study
California (statewide)

Coyote Creek Trail
San Jose, Calif.

Mission Creek Bikeway
San Francisco, Calif.

Modesto Virginia Corridor
Modesto, Calif.

Cross Alameda Trail
Alameda, Calif.

Milwaukee Road Corridor
Idaho and Montana

Healthy Transportation Network
California (statewide)

Sierra Railway Rail-Trail
Sierra Nevada foothills, Calif.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
The Duke Ellington Building
2121 Ward Ct., NW
5th Floor
Washington, DC 20037