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Campaign for Active Transportation

The Campaign for Active Transportation aims to expand the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program in the next federal transportation reauthorization to fund dozens of communities across the country with $50 million each to promote trails, walking and biking for improved mobility. More generally, the campaign aspires to elevate the importance of trails, walking and biking as mainstream transportation options.

See a list of engaged communities, with links to each one's case statement and a map of all engaged communities, now. These case statements argue compellingly for the need for investments on the local level. RTC's "Active Transportation for America" report makes this case on a national level, showing that we would save tens of billions of dollars annually with increased investment in walking and bicycling.

The Campaign for Active Transportation was officially launched in August 2007 at Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's TrailLink 2007 conference in Portland, Ore. The conference trained advocates from across the country to make the case for trails, walking and biking in their communities, using the following themes, each represented in an issue brief:

  • Mobility
  • Public Health
  • Economic Development
  • Climate
  • Family & Community

Detailed instructions on campaign team tasks can be found in the Campaign for Active Transportation Guidance Document.

Communities engaged in the campaign should currently be convening key active transportation players to form a campaign team to drive the process. Teams are responsible for addressing and developing strategic solutions to four primary questions:

  1. Who should be involved in the campaign process, in what capacity, and how should they be engaged?
  2. What are some key local infrastructure projects?
  3. What programs could be implemented locally to shift trips to walking and biking?
  4. How can support from your congressional delegation be ensured?

Individuals engaged or interested in the campaign should register to receive Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's Active Transportation Newsletter with information and updates pertinent to the campaign. To register, e-mail with "Subscribe 2010" in the subject line.

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