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Campaign Resources

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The Campaign for Active Transportation


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Archived messages can be viewed below:

RTC Analysis of USDOT's MAP-21 Bike/Ped Guidance (October 2012)

Webinar Follow-Up, RTP Sign-on Letter, MAP-21 strategy (August 2012)

Tuesday's Webinar: Follow-Up and Recording (July 2012)

Two Expert Webinars: What the New T-Bill Means for Bike/Ped Projects (July 2012)

In-Depth Analysis: Walking, Biking, Trails in the T-Bill (June 2012)

Update: Transportation Bill Conference (June 2012)

T-Bill (Sort of) Advances: House Update (April 2012)

Senate Transpo Bill: What It Means for Trails, Walking and Bicycling (March 2012)

T-Bill: Important Update (March 2012)

T-Bill: Important Update and Sign-On Opportunities (Feb. 2012)

New Rural Report, 1/30 Release (Jan. 2012)

Side-by-Side Analysis of Transpo Bill (Nov. 2011)

Important Update on Reauthorization (Nov. 2011)

McCain's Attack on TE (Oct. 2011)

Important Recap and Intel on SAFETEA-LU Extension (Sept. 2011)

$2.5 Billion Rescission Follow-up (August 2011)

Major Funding Opportunities and Threats (July 2011)

$2.5 Billion Transportation Rescission (July 2011)

Community Transformation Grants: $100M Available (May 2011)

Possible Trail/Bike/Ped Attack This Week (Feb. 2011)

Three Quick Items (Feb. 2011)

Save-the-Date, Free Training Webinar (Jan. 2011)

Congressional Analysis, AAA Wrap-Up (Dec. 2010)

Election Aftermath, But First... (Nov. 2010)

ACT Meeting Next Week at PWPB (Sept. 2010)

Transportation Rescission Action Plan (August 2010)

You're invited: ACT Act meeting, Sept. 14 at PWPB, and more (August 2010)

Dear Colleague letter is out! (July 2010)

Important ACT Act Strategy (and TIGER II notes) (July 2010)

This week: Federal grant webinars on Sustainable communities, TIGER II (June 2010)

Pilot Profiles, DOT Strategic Plan Comments (June 2010)

Strategy session on the ACT Act for DC lobbyists (May 2010)

Four times the excitement! (May 2010)

Preliminary TIGER II Guidelines Announced (April 2010)

Co-sponsorship update, other important news (March 2010)

BREAKING NEWS: Active Transportation Victory! Keep the Momentum Going... (March 2010)

TIGER Awards Announced; March 10 Bike Summit Save-the-Date; ACT Act Update (Feb. 2010)

Letter of Support Update, Jobs Bill Opportunity (Jan. 2010)

Support Letter Update, Conference Opportunity (Jan. 2010)

Sign-on deadline extension (Dec. 2009)

Campaign progress! Urgent sign-on letter opportunity, marker bill update (Dec. 2009)

Critical Updates, Timely Opportunities (Nov. 2009)

$373 Million Available in CDC Grants (Oct. 2009)

RTC responds to an attack on active transportation (August 2009)

Good news! Neal Peirce touts the Campaign (July 2009)

Important--Transportation Bill Analysis, Lay of the Land, Next Steps (July 2009)

Federal Surface Transportation Bill Draft Released! (June 2009)

New active transportation resources in the economic recovery package (June 2009)

Policy request submissions (May 2009)

Important Policy Request Clarification (April 2009)


BREAKING NEWS: Guidance on Redistribution of Stimulus Funds (April 2009)

URGENT--Act now to ensure wise allocation of recovery funds (March 2009)

Recovery package: next steps for Transportation Enhancements (February 2009)

Chambers of Commerce, TRB, Recovery Package (December 2008)

Urgent — Economic Stimulus, Part II (December 2008)

Urgent opportunity to pursue federal funding; Media recap (October 2008)

Case Statements, Webinar Follow-Up, National Report Release (October 2008)

Save the date; Reserve your free reports (October 2008)

Media Kit Part 2 (September 2008)

Media Kit Part 1 (August 2008)

Case statement thank you's and next steps (August 2008)

Frequently Asked Questions (June 2008)

Training and Education Opportunities (May 2008)

Take a two-minute Campaign survey (April 2008)

Case Statement Guidance: Networks, Budgets and Leveraging (April 2008)

Upcoming Opportunities to Promote Active Transportation (March 2008)

Campaign for Active Transportation: Guidance (March 2008)


February 2008

  1. Tips for talking with the press
  2. RTC can aid your public outreach efforts
  3. Reminder: Campaign forum to precede Bike Summit

January 2008

  1. Campaign forum to precede Bike Summit
  2. Campaign organizing opportunity: Bike-to-Work Day
  3. Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program: interim report
  4. New campaign Web site
  5. "Healthy Communities, Safe Streets" Webinar

December 2007

  1. New campaign resources: Guidance document and brochure
  2. Share your local materials with RTC
  3. New research
  4. Profile: Hartford, Conn.

October 2007

  1. New campaign resources
  2. Take RTC's Burn Calories, Not Carbon!™ pledge
  3. Transportation Enhancements Connections
  4. Mid America Trails and Greenways Conference

September 2007

  1. Building off TrailLink 2007: Online resources
  2. Call for input: Making the case
  3. Active transportation under attack
  4. Join the Rail-Trail Network

July 2007

  1. TrailLink 2007: Program tracks
  2. Transportation Enhancements

May 2007

  1. Sheboygan, Wis.
  2. TrailLink 2007: Panelists & mobile workshops
  3. Profile: Stephan Vance
  4. "The Best of the Worst" Winner

April 2007

  1. TrailLink 2007: Keynote speakers
  2. Nonmotorized transportation
  3. Transportation Enhancements
  4. "The Best of the Worst"


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