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RTC's Early Warning System: Sign up to be informed about upcoming railroad abandonments in your area and receive resources to help you take advantage of railbanking.

Rail-with-Trail: Communities across the country are finding ways to share the right-of-way. Learn more about how trails and trains go hand-in-hand.

Urban Pathways Initiative: Connect with advocates and professionals working on the challenges of obesity, congestion and scarcity of open space in low-income urban neighborhoods. The initiative provides a space to share innovative resources and best practices that encourage physical activity through trail use in America's cities. Interested? Sign up to participate!


Trail Photos

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RTC Resources

RTC Library: A complete collection of manuals, reports, and fact sheets produced by RTC and external sources.

Ask Our Listserv: Join our listserv and connect with over 1,000 trail advocates, managers, and builders. Share your experiences and learn from the experts

Trails Glossary and Acronyms


Additional Resources

National Trails Training Partnership

National Transportation Alternatives Clearinghouse

American Trails

Trail-Building Toolbox

Learn the basics of trail-building and find the help you need for your trail. Be sure to also take a look at all of RTC's full suite of online Trail-Building resources.

Corridor Research
Active vs. Abandoned Corridors
Environmental Contaminants

History of Railbanking
Railbanking: What and Why?
How to Railbank
Example Railbanking Agreement

Corridor Valuation
Acquisition Methods
Salvaging Material

The Railroad
Opposition & Neighbors
Public Agencies and Officials
Making the Case for Rail-Trails

Plan, Design, Build
Trails in City/Regional Planning
Sensitive Areas
Design for User Type
Tunnels and Underpasses
Public Art

Management & Maintenance
Liability/Trail Insurance
Police and Safety
User Surveys
User Speed

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