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One of several existing bridges that
the trail will utilize.

Rail-Trail Project
Florida Overseas Heritage Trail

Even as the Overseas Heritage Master Plan is being developed, the county has been working diligently to build trail segments where citizens have expressed a need. Since 1994, the county has been requesting enhancement funding from the Florida Department of Transportation, District 6 (DOT) to help build the trail.

In response to requests from on-road cyclists, DOT also agreed to construct paved shoulders for a designated bicycle lane along County Road 905 in North Key Largo. The bicycle lane is scheduled for construction this year. Monroe County originally requested a separated path; however, environmental agencies deemed the area surrounding North Key Largo Hammocks and the Crocodile Refuge too sensitive. A less intensive design was developed to protect the endangered species and to support the environmental protection objectives of the area. Based on comments received at a recent trail workshop in Key Largo, Monroe County believes that this bicycle lane will be a vital connection to the Overseas Heritage Trail.

The new trail projects (except for 905) usually include a separated, multiple use, paved trail along the US 1 right of way. Project designs may evolve over time based on environmental impacts, master plan recommendations, engineering constraints, and available funding.

Below is a brief summary of project statistics that are currently programmed for design and construction.

Mile Marker Miles Project Name Funding Construction Year
5.2-9 4.4 Key Haven to Big Coppitt Key $1,104,000 2003
11-15 4 Big Coppitt to Bay Point Park $ 885,000 2001
15-16.5 1.5 Bay Point to Sugarloaf Key $ 382,000 2002
16.5-24.5 8 Sugarloaf to Summerland Key $ 2,360,000 2003
25-37 12 Summerland to Bahia Honda $ 2,517,000 2004
36.7-40.2 3.5 Bahia Honda to Little Duck Key $ 895,000 2003
47 - Sunset Point Trailhead $ 785,000 2001
54.5-58.7 4.2 Fat Deer Key to Grassy Key $ 1,119,000 2001
59.2-65.2 6 Grassy Key to Long Key $ 1,258,000 2004
68.4-73.8 5.4 Long Key to Annes Beach $ 1,135,000 2004
Total Miles 49 Total Available Funding $12,440,000  

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