Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail in Florida | Photo by TrailLink user britte.lowther

Engaging a Nation of Trail Users

A flagship program of RTC, is the nation’s foremost trail-finder website, with a current catalogue of more than 4,100 trails spanning a collective 37,000 miles across the country. Through an extensive set of offerings available online and via TrailLink’s mobile apps—including interactive maps, descriptions, directions, reviews, ratings and user-submitted photos—TrailLink is leading the way for encouraging trails use in the United States, supporting more than than 7.2 million users annually in the pursuit of safe and meaningful trail experiences, and helping to satisfy the growing demand for trails and active transportation nationally.

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“What I enjoy the most about TrailLink is that it makes me go out more to see nature and to be more confident about myself that I can do things.”

— TrailLink user Y.Llammas

Connecting People to Trails Like Never Before

In July 2019, RTC released its new iOS mobile app for TrailLink—adding to the 250,000 users who accessed critical information about trails via the platform’s mobile apps in FY 2019. In addition to offering all the functionality of, the apps are designed to show the specific location of the trail user while on the trail and in relation to other waypoints, including restrooms, business areas, water and parking—providing an important level of safety and security during the visit.  iPhone App  Android App

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“Great organization, and this app is a must have if you are a rail-trail user. The GPS function is very useful. Thanks, keep developing and improving, and I will keep supporting and using.”

— TrailLink user DZ215

TrailLink’s Reach Across the Country

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TrailLink’s biggest trail user demographic is the 25–34 age range, demonstrating its impact in expanding the national trail movement—and engaging new generations of potential trail supporters and advocates.

Top 5


Top 5

Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail | TrailLink user britte.lowther
American Tobacco Trail | TrailLink user susiepop66
West Orange Trail | TrailLink user britte.lowther
Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail | TrailLink user scfroehlich
D&L Trail | TrailLink user vivki1960