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Blue Ridge Tunnel Trail | Photo by TrailLink user fuquadh

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The pandemic brought to light the vital importance of outdoor space for physical and mental health and wellness, and in fiscal year (FY) 2021, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy continued its commitment to connecting as many people as possible to safe places to walk, bike and enjoy nature.  TrailLink App

In FY 2021, we connected more than 10.5 million people to trails through our TrailLink™ website and mobile app, the premier trail-finder website in the nation, which to date has documented 25,000+ miles of rail-trails and a cumulative 40,000 miles of multiuse trails around the country. This sustained use from 2020—a marked jump from 2019—demonstrates that more people than ever are using trails. Demand has been at record highs.

Some 19 million trail pages and 11 million maps were served to individuals and families seeking safe, off-road corridors where they could be outside.

To date, TrailLink has served some 76 million users and received over 475 million views—with a continued commitment to make trail use in America as safe, inclusive and accessible as possible to people of every age and ability, in every community.

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Feedback From TrailLink Users:

“This app has helped me discover many trails that are near to my home, but I didn’t know about them. Love that it’s sponsored by a trail conservancy organization.”

“This app and service made it so easy to try new trails. I felt like I could find trails that fit my abilities now but will also help as I get to be a better rider.”

“Just started using TrailLink and already finding great trails I didn’t know existed!”

TrailLink’s Reach Across the Country

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California #1 state on TrailLink
New York #2 state on TrailLink
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Pennsylvania #4 state on TrailLink
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Top 5

Blue Ridge Tunnel Trail
Old Croton Aqueduct Trail
Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail
California Coastal Trail (Half Moon Bay Coastside Trail)
D&L Trail
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