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Trail development is a complex, multi-faceted process involving many local and regional stakeholders—the support of which is imperative for any trail or trail network. With this understanding, RTC works with communities at all phases of the trail development and extension processes to engage and empower these stakeholders and ensure projects are launched and completed successfully.

Stakeholder Analysis

We know that when trails are built—community is built.

In order to generate successful trail development outcomes, we work with communities to identify individuals and groups that are likely to affect, or be affected by, proposed trails. We then develop a project plan for how to best engage those stakeholders in the trail development process.

Public Meeting Facilitation

A trail or trail network cannot be successful unless local stakeholders and residents take ownership and regard it as an important community resource. We assist communities in developing strategies for customized meeting facilitation that thoughtfully educates and engages local residents in the trail-development process.

Partnership and Coalition Building

Trail development requires the support of a broad base of constituencies. RTC works with communities to create diverse trail coalition groups that are strong enough to overcome hurdles found along the path to trail development.

Organizing a ‘Friends of the Trail’ Group

Trails and greenways are community-based projects, and every project needs broad local support to be a success. We work hand in glove with fledgling groups and provide them with critical technical assistance ranging from organizational branding to developing a mission and vision.


We design and deliver customized trainings and workshops on a variety of trail development topics at all phases of development. Through innovative facilitation and learning approaches, we help our clients advance their trail development goals and initiatives.

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