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We know that every trail has its own character and significance. RTC works with communities to develop customized tools that help them discover and communicate their trail or trail network’s unique identity and value.

Economic Impact Analysis

As communities realize the economic potential of trails as highly desirable destinations that bring dollars into the places they serve, quantifiable data is needed to show that positive impact. In addition to preserving critical open space and providing important transportation options, trails and greenways attract visitors from near and far—visitors who facilitate job growth and spending through tourism-related opportunities like restaurants, local retail stores and lodging.

Over the past several decades, RTC has developed and refined a robust economic impact model that quantifies the benefits of trails for communities. The information and data allow stakeholders to more fully understand community income—and positive outcomes—generated from trail use. 

Trail Traffic Monitoring and User Surveys

Understanding and documenting trail usage can help justify investments in trail infrastructure, educate local citizens and decision-makers, inform decisions about future trail needs and system performance and provide necessary data to quantify the benefits of trail use. As trails and trail networks mature, it is critical to evaluate them and plan proactively for the future.

Trail Management and Maintenance Planning

Trail management and maintenance often are overlooked, yet they are critical elements to sustaining successful trails. With experience in reviewing trail maintenance practices from hundreds of communities, RTC can provide tried-and-true strategies and recommendations for the successful ongoing maintenance and management of trails and trail networks.

Trail Use Programming

Trail programming is a critical aspect of ensuring that trails are well used and that communities are aware of all that their local trails have to offer. RTC works with communities to assess the current built environments and social conditions along trails. We then use this information to develop and implement an action plan for increasing trail use through focused programming, trail promotion and facility improvements.

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