Photo by RTC/Tracy Hadden Loh

Located in southeast Cleveland, Ohio, the Morgana Run Trail enhances the active transportation network by linking several neighborhoods and providing a safe, separated facility for pedestrians and bicyclists. As part of the Urban Pathways Initiative (UPI), RTC partnered with Slavic Village Development (SVD), an established and well-respected organization that improves quality of life for community residents through housing and infrastructure enhancements, and community programming focused on safety, recreation and the arts. RTC and SVD assessed the current built environment and social conditions along the Morgana Run Trail to develop and implement an action plan for increasing trail use through focused programming, trail promotion and facility improvements.

New trail amenities were installed as part of the initiative, including neighborhood wayfinding signage and pet refuse stations. Support and expansion of existing community programming introduced more residents to the trail; a neighborhood walking and biking festival, Walk+Roll, was expanded to incorporate the Morgana Run Trail, and youth bike camps and a “pop-in” bicycle maintenance shop provided safe bicycling opportunities for more children and families.

Since 2009, RTC has collected comprehensive trail use data along the Morgana Run Trail. Trail use continues to increase, largely due to the successful trail-focused programming and marketing efforts by SVD and RTC.

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