Tip #6

Know and Follow the Rules.

Knowing the rules of your local trail will help you be a more informed trail user, and following those rules will make you a trail hero!

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Gold Standard: Why Is It Important?

There are some universal best practices to sharing the trail, but each of our 50 states has different rules and regulations. And the same can be said for communities across the country. Some rules are there for our safety and security, while others are there to protect natural areas or native plants. And of course, the permitted uses for public places and spaces varies from community to community.

Knowing the rules of our local trails enables us to be predictable, helps keep the trails clean and welcoming, and enables us all to feel safe and secure when we're out doing our favorite trail activities.

Gold Challenge: What Can You Do?

Some trails have their rules posted at trailheads, parking lots or major intersections. If you can’t find them on the trail, take a peek online. You can always ask your fellow trail users and see if the trail in question has any guidelines that you should know about.

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Six Golden Rules for Trails


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