Tip #3

Standing Still? Stand Aside.

Taking a break? Take it off the trail.

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Gold Standard: Why Is It Important?

Trails make sharing time with friends and family easy and fun. And it’s the little things—those mini breaks, friendly chats or amazing photo ops—that make our experience truly amazing. By standing aside and positioning yourself out of trail traffic flow, you are enabling others to pass by safely, without having to weave around you or make sudden stops. It also shows respect for your fellow trail enthusiasts.

Gold Challenge: What Can You Do?

It’s simple! When you decide to take a break, just step off the trail so that trail traffic can flow unhindered. If you have a bike or a stroller, make sure you place them completely off the trail as well. If you’re in a big group, gently remind your friends to do the same. 

This will help ensure a safe trail experience for others, for you, and for your companions too!

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Six Golden Rules for Trails


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