Kansas City’s Riverfront Heritage Trail

Riverfront Heritage Trail | Photo by Cindy Barks

Compelling stories are around every bend, it seems, on Kansas City’s signature urban trail. From the time when more than a dozen Indigenous tribes were active, to Lewis and Clark’s exploration of the vast region west of the Mississippi River, to the days when freedom seekers found refuge in safe houses along the Underground Railroad, the stories of Kansas’ history play out today along the Riverfront Heritage Trail.

It’s no surprise that the trail was designed to follow the stories. The Kansas City River Trails website notes that the trail “links all of the most important sites in the development of this region.” And that’s not to mention the trail’s many other assets, like stunning river vistas, busy market areas and bridges that soar over the region’s two great rivers.

History buffs, foodies and sightseers will all find plenty to love about the Riverfront Heritage Trail. And at 15 miles, it offers a good workout as well. While much of the trail is flat and smooth, the bluffs along the Missouri and Kansas rivers make for gentle climbs in some areas.

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