Atlantic Greenway in South Beach | Photo by Lee Smith

As RTC has been working with our partners in our TrailNation communities over the past several years, we have been engaged in a specific menu of interventions to help drive trail network building forward in each place. We call this menu of interventions the TrailNation Playbook. Since February of this year, we have been conducting a webinar series on each element of the Playbook in an effort to provide baseline context on these efforts and terms before we all come together at the Summit in Milwaukee. At the Summit, we will also be touching on the role of trails in the future of mobility. The final edition of this webinar series focuses on this topic. Please see the recordings for each of these webinars below.

Project Vision: Creating a Vision and Defining the Purpose, Goals and Outcomes of a Trail Network

This first edition of the webinar series provides an overview on how to create and promote a common vision of a trail network that connects people’s imaginations with their communities, their neighbors and their environment.

Coalition Building TrailNation Summit Webinar

In this edition, RTC staff and partners highlight TrailNation case studies that provide insight on how to manage an inclusive process to create a broad-based network of partners in the public, for-profit and nonprofit sectors across the defined region to jointly create political will and implement the vision.

Mapping, Analysis and Gap Filling

Learn from RTC’s D.C. TrailNation project manager on how to create a geospatial dataset to identify open trails as well as gap projects in each of the networks through mapping, and then analyze the current and future network to identify the highest level priorities for gap filling. Additionally, hear from RTC’s Baltimore TrailNation project manager on his experience in developing strategies for engaging communities and leveraging political, natural and economic capital to complete gaps in the network.

Investment Strategy: Designing a Funding and Financing Strategy for a Trail Network

RTC’s policy team and partners provide an overview on tactics to develop and implement a strategy to accelerate network completion by securing federal, state and local public funding to fill the gaps in each trail network, depending on which streams are accessible and complementary.

Branding and Engagement TrailNation Summit Webinar

RTC’s Vice President of Communications shares 30,000-foot-level concepts on how to develop and implement a communications and marketing strategy to raise awareness and build political will, as well as the grassroots support, needed to advance a trail project and encourage use.

Revolutionizing Places: A Strategy for Putting Trails at the Center of Our Communities

There is a mobility shift, driven by the sharing economy, happening all across the country, and people of all ages are seeking to live in walkable bikeable communities where they no longer need a personal vehicle to get to the places that they need and want to go. Learn more about RTC’s vision of a transportation revolution where the 30,000+ miles of existing multiuse trails, and biking and walking infrastructure, could serve as key elements to healthy thriving communities.