Working Together to Connect the Region’s Shared-Use Trails

Mon River Trail | Photo by Steve Shaluta, courtesy Mon River Trails Conservancy

Fueling Strong Economies in the Industrial Heartland

Creating new regional economic opportunity is central to the vision of the Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition (IHTC). The trails alone offer serenity, scenery, historical sites, industrial relics, public art, trailside eateries and more. Beyond the trail, visitors can cycle, drive or be transported to a wide variety of attractions.

A recent study of the potential for the trail project to generate tourism labeled the “I Heart Trails” as a destination—one that has lure—a “wow” factor that leaves lasting impressions.

It’s evident that trails increasingly demonstrate their significance in community transformation through economic activity by trail users, including visitors and locals.

The study found that the IHTC is uniquely positioned to bring value to the region by influencing trail development and quality, trail-to-town connections and tourism promotion. These findings are bolstered by the fact that the economic impact of trails within the project footprint has already been demonstrated:

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