Connecting Pathways Throughout the Miami Region—and Beyond

M-Path | Photo by Milo Bateman

Completing the LOOP

Approximately 54 percent of the network is already complete, and nearly 86 percent of the LOOP’s proposed corridors are publicly owned—providing a strong, established foundation for the final vision. The Miami-Dade Trail Alliance is embarking on a multiphase project plan with a focus on amplifying public support. 

Building New Trail Infrastructure

To support the Miami-Dade Trail Alliance, RTC has identified the optimal corridors to build new trail segments, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways to ensure equitable access and to best serve the most people in each of the surrounding communities.

Filling Gaps

Several processes have been and will be developed for prioritizing the filling of key gaps between primary trail corridors of the LOOP, including:

  1. engaging communities in the project footprint,
  2. collaborating with partners to identify and implement next steps, and
  3. creating a solid funding and construction plan.

One recent process for filling low-cost gaps both in the Loop and other feeder trails is the gap-filling program recently established by partners Green Mobility Network and Miami-Dade County.

Building a Regional Team

Miami-Dade County’s transportation needs are big, and a coordinated effort is required to address them. RTC and the alliance partners are working closely with local communities, leaders, and transportation and trail advocates to create a strong team to give voice to and build support for each of the LOOP components.

LOOP Investment Strategy

The alliance is working collaboratively to develop and implement a multiyear strategy to secure project funding—and to increase the number of funding sources available to projects in the Miami LOOP footprint.

Brand and Marketing Strategy

The alliance has begun preliminary steps to develop a brand and marketing plan to build public awareness and support while encouraging increased use of existing segments of the regional trail system. Preliminary branding is moving forward in 2017 in conjunction with solidifying the coalition of partners.

Trail Alliance Partners

The Miami-Dade Trail Alliance will be a collective voice for the diverse trails and trail systems that enrich the quality of life for the residents and visitors of Miami-Dade County and beyond.

By working together, the alliance will amplify public support for this vision and leverage major sources of funding to bring the vision to reality. Special thank you to:

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