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Ben Franklin Bridge | Photo by Laura Pedrick/AP Images

How We’re Connecting the Circuit Trails

Today, 300 miles are complete, with 50 currently in development and 400 yet to be built. Completion for this ambitious plan—which has been embraced by the Greater Philadelphia-Camden region—is slated for 2040.

In 2017, the coalition officially embarked on a major campaign effort to secure a solid commitment from all the counties, municipalities, towns and cities within the footprint to commit to 500 miles of built trail by 2025!

2016 in Review

2016 was an exciting year for the Circuit Trails, which officially launched its new website and new identity in April. The region built nearly 12 miles of Circuit Trails and raised $19 million in new funding to help meet the near-term goal of 500 miles by 2025. Two new bridges over the Schuylkill River opened to pedestrians and bicycles, and the Circuit Trails Coalition launched a new grass roots campaign to galvanize local community support.

2015 in Review

The Circuit Trails continued to make important connections in 2015—one of the most notable being the opening of the iconic Manayunk Bridge over the Schuylkill River. The Manayunk Bridge establishes key links between the city and the suburbs, Lower Merion and Main Street Manayunk, and the Cynwyd Heritage Trail and the Schuylkill River Trail. Circuit Trails advocates made progress in 2015 by laying the groundwork for future success through: new funding streams for trail construction in Pennsylvania; refreshed branding and youth outreach for the Circuit Trails; and the collection of new data through counters and surveys.

Download the 2015 annual report.

RTC Leadership Activities

RTC is committed to working toward a completed Circuit Trails network and is currently leading many initiatives to help move the dial in 2017. They include:

  1. Supporting and catalyzing the development of four trail segments culminating in more than 20 miles of trails in the Circuit Trails footprint
  2. Coordinating a test phase for trail signage, with an ultimate goal of installing unified Circuit Trails-branded signage across the network
    Establishing protocols to promote and maintain existing trail segments and the system as a whole
  3. Creating a strategy for working with regional and national railroads and utilities to further corridor acquisition and route planning
  4. Creating diverse and stable trail funding in New Jersey to accelerate completion of the New Jersey Circuit Trails
  5. Growing and cultivating hospital partnerships to be active partners in the Circuit Trails Coalition and help accelerate health and community wellness impacts
  6. Leading marketing and communications work to raise the profile of the trail network among trail users, elected officials and regional decision-makers
  7. Augmenting the Steering Committee's ability to implement the new strategic vision of the Circuit Trails Coalition

Past leadership:

As head of the Youth Committee, RTC collaborated with youth-serving organizations and more than 1,500 regional youth to promote trail use through on-trail programming, bike clinics and youth sojourns. Additionally, as head of the Metrics Committee, RTC conducted a three-year trail user survey as well as focus groups, intercept surveys and a phone survey, garnering the opinions of 2,669 people regarding the Circuit Trails.

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