Oxford, Ohio (location of Miami University) passes tax levy to build 12-mile trail system.  Read more about the process of getting this initiative on the ballot.

The City of Oxford, Ohio passed a property tax levy on May 8, 2018 to fund the construction of its planned 12-mile multi-use trail system.  This levy will raise $10M over 10 years and will allow the City to leverage grant dollars and build the trail a segment at a time, with the goal of completion by 2028.

The Oxford Area Trail system has been in the City comprehensive plan since 2008 but the Great Recession stalled the project for several years.  In 2013, a grassroots committee re-energized and succeeded in helping the City get its first grant for the first segment.  Upon receiving additional grants that required large matching dollars, the City realized it needed a continual source funds for this project and the idea of the levy was born.

The levy costs $99 annually per $100,000 of home/property value and allows the City to aggressively seek grants as well as for some locally built portions and for a percent of the funding to be set aside for long-term maintenance and operations costs.